Sustainable social networking services for transport.

New start-up company established

Based on the SUNSET vision and approach, a spin-off company has been launched this April. The company will develop and exploit new social and personal ICT-based mobility services.

The company, baptized Mobidot, builds its services on a new and innovative data platform. The platform collects and processes personal data on mobility choices, for instance on the means of transport chosen by the traveller, in a very easy and 24/7 way and then distributes to them customized incentives to make them ‘move smarter’.

Mobidot brings its services to travellers via apps on their Smartphone. Also Mobidot will allow people to share their mobility data via social media and start competitive gaming on common mobility challenges. Of course, only the data of people who have agreed to participate will be collected and processed.

The spin-off company, launched by four employees of Novay, has the ambition to become a leading, fast growing ICT service provider. It will provide its services to profit- and non-profit organizations interested in personal mobility data and traveller-centred behavioural change (municipalities, research institutes, transport companies, mobility service providers etc.).

The start-up is a clear example of how FP7 initiated projects, co-funded by the European Union, can have a real pay-off and bring innovation to the market.

For more information, see the exploitation plans of SUNSET or visit the website of Mobidot.

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