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Sunset research follow-up

A number of Sunset partners together with new partners have created an ambitious Sunset follow-up research proposal called ‘EMPOWER’.

The main objective of EMPOWER is to substantially reduce the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles by changing the mobility behaviour of their drivers and users. To achieve this objective EMPOWER will create a set of tools for industry, policy makers and employers to understand and help choose and successfully implement ‘positive’ evidence-based and cost-effective policy interventions, based on new and innovative mobility services.

The objectives of the project address the programme topic: MG-5.1-2014 Topic: Transforming the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles in urban areas, and more specifically the topic: “Comparing innovative policies, measures and tools that will, inter alia, halve the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles in cities, while increasing accessibility of urban areas and improve air quality and road safety”.

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