Sustainable social networking services for transport.


Is mobility management on your radar as an instrument to save travel costs of your employees? Or to reach your company’s ambitions and objectives in the area of sustainability and social responsibility? Getting insights into the actual travel behaviour of your employees complemented by an incentives and reward mechanism for your employees  can help to effectively challenge your employees to make smart business travel and work-office travel choices.

The SUNSET research project is designed to help travellers in urban regions to make the smarter choice and at the same time create city level benefits such as sustainable travel, congestion reduction and safety. The central idea is that sharing of individual mobility profiles can help the city to design and provide positive and personal incentives that benefit both the individual and the city.

This innovative approach to mobility management  creates also possibilities  on a company level. E.g. to create a company specific community, where employees share their mobility profile to engage in individual or common challenges with colleagues. E.g. Who is the ‘greenest’ employee of the month? Which department travelled most effective in terms of total costs over travelled distance?

Knowing the actual travel behaviour of employees is a powerful instrument to optimise mobility management in a company context. However, also privacy is involved.  Individuals will only share voluntarily if their is a seducing benefit in for them even when information is aggregated or anonimised. Are you interested in the potential of  the approach and want to share your thoughts, comments and ideas of application of the SUNSET approach in a business context please join the conversation on LinkedIn. We would be happy to get in touch.

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