Sustainable social networking services for transport.


The main innovations of SUNSET are:

  • Social services that motivate people to travel more sustainably in urban areas;
  • Intelligent distribution of incentives (rewards) to balance system and personal goals;
  • Algorithms for calculating personal mobility patterns using information from mobile and infrastructure sensors;
  • Evaluation methodologies and impact analysis based on living lab evaluations.

Learn more on the SUNSET innovations? We created a 2 minutes animated video on YouTube explaining what SUNSET is all about.

Our project innovations are disseminated through deliverables, scientific papers, presentations at conferences and contributions to the public debate. The innovations will be exploited through contributions to standardisation bodies and new transport-related services, which we validate in our Living Labs.

Our core innovations will directly contribute to our project objectives, work on effective and positive engagement with travellers and other stakeholders in the field and support in the end a sustainable behavioural change  in  transport and travel.