Sustainable social networking services for transport.


The SUNSET project is committed to disseminate and exploit its results and innovations to foster the SUNSET vision, approach and ambitions on human-centered mobility.

Our exploitation components

Properly speaking, the living labs are a means to introduce and evaluate our concepts and services, but we state them as an exploitation component because by using living labs, we aim at introducing a continuously growing and developing initiative in the cities involved, which does not stop when the project ends. The end of the project is just the start of the living lab as a community of citizens, companies and municipalities realizing their objectives.

Our exploitation strategy

SUNSET uses an exploitation strategy that is geared towards take-up by different professional stakeholders in the field and which utilizes the strengths of the partners in the consortium. The exploitation strategy identifies different stakeholder groups in the public and private domain

  • Governmental bodies and public/private transport companies on a local, regional, national or international scale;
  • Industry and more specifically mobility service providers, ICT companies, consultancy firms and large employers;
  • Academia and R&D institutes

For each of these groups we utilize a tailored exploitation strategy which consists of different stages:

  • In the first stage we try to get in touch and interact with relevant stakeholders via media releases, one-on-on talks, presentations, workshops, lectures and discussions to pitch the vision and approach of SUNSET and make people aware of and interested in the results and outcomes of SUNSET;
  • In the second stage we try to set up joint collaborations like joint proposals for further work or projects or involvement in the Living Labs
  • In the third stage we try to let stakeholders to take-up results of SUNSET whether these are software (re-use or application of components, app technology, developed services) or other results (evaluation method, LL approach, incentive design & creation).

Already, both Locatienet and Novay spin-off Mobidot provide software services on personal and social mobility in the market, which build on the SUNSET proof-of-concept. A clear example of how FP7 initiated projects, co-funded by the European Union, can have a real pay-off and bring innovation to the market.