Sustainable social networking services for transport.

Road authorities

SUNSET provides a new paradigm to manage traffic in urban regions. Instead of relying on road-side sensors and equipment  to control, streamline and enforce discipline in road transport, SUNSET uses personal mobility data (‘floating people data’)  to enable informed decision making and to directly influence people’s travel behaviour to ensure safe, sustainable and smooth running of road [...]


Do you also want to to travel smarter? Have insight in how you have travelled and make better informed decisions on how you could travel? Get useful information or be challenged by your social networks? It can save you money, keep you fit and help the environment. Moreover it can be fun. The SUNSET project [...]

Transport service providers

Throughout Europe the challenge for city transport providers is to work with users to capitalise on the opportunities offered by new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). One of the key opportunities is to be able to build on the much greater potential for information generation directly between travellers via Twitter, Facebook, or our tripzoom type [...]

Mobile tripzoom app

The mobile Tripzoom-app has been developed as a proof-of-concept to improve the personal mobility of travellers and to share information.